British Foster Parents Must Affirm Homosexualit

         The word they use is "tolerance". It's a sort of euphemism for independent thinking, enlightenment and progress. As in, "why do you have to be so angry about the fact that not everyone is just like you? Can't you just be tolerant?"

          In fairness, the bright side of the "tolerance" movement has led to some genuine improvements in human understanding. Many of us are a bit quicker to hear and slower to speak. To the extent that we have recognized the value in actually understanding something before we respond to it, we're better for it.

           It makes you think we could actually find a way to get along if only the apostles of tolerance followed their own advice.

           In the common understanding, the term "tolerance" means "to put up with". For example, I tolerate it when my wife is watching The Notebook for the 94th time. We're married so we make compromises. That doesn't mean I wouldn't rather watch football, or QVC, or static. And in reality, she wouldn't ask me to say I enjoy The Notebook more than football. But she does have the reasonable expectation that I will be mostly pleasant in spite of my preferences.  After all, tolerance is making room for other peoples preferences despite our own.

           The British high court recently concluded that those who do not view homosexuality as morally equivalent to heterosexuality are no longer fit to provide shelter to orphans through the foster system. I cannot help but wonder how the British thought police would have dealt with Mother Theresa or William Wilberforce as they sought to end child starvation and human slavery while maintaining biblical, historical, and common sensical understandings of human sexuality.

           On one hand, this decision is simply petulant. The biggest kid on the block takes his ball and goes home when the other kids won't agree to play the game exactly the way he wants to. If one of my kids behaved this way, I'd send them to bed without dinner and demand and apology.  

           On the other hand, it is cruel. This couple has provided a loving home to 15 children who had no home. The British foster system needs 10,000 more foster parents. Still, the British court said that traditionalist Christian attitudes about sexuality could conflict with the welfare of children. You might want to read that again. Here in opposite world, being taught that sexuality is most beneficial when expressed within a monogamous, heterosexual marriage is worse for kids than not having a place to call home. (Emphasis mine because I can't believe this isn't fiction).

           If you didn't recognize it before, this is what bigotry looks like in the 21st century.

           Within this new paradigm, people don't have different opinions, they're haters. No room for disagreement without indictment of motives. People have not reached different conclusions based on their own experience and discovery, they have dangerous beliefs that threatens the march to "equality"-whatever that means.

           Therefore, in order to make sure the dark ages don't creep back out of the shadows and begin ostracizing law-abiding citizens for having different value systems, we must make sure we ostracize law-abiding citizens for having different...wait a second. Now you're just trickin' me.   

            Remember, bloodletting was once progressive as well.

            The idea that all sex is good sex, so long as it involves adults, will not survive because it cannot survive. The natural and moral laws of the universe are not subject to court ruling or UN resolution. While many within the tolerance movement will go to the grave convinced of the justness of their cause, history will inevitably see it differently.   We judge ourselves through the filter of our intentions, but history judges our actions.

             In hindsight, we recognize that lots of people were wrong. But there is a special place in history for those who were both wrong and cruel about it. Once we have done the mental gymnastics necessary to conclude that a child is better off orphaned than with a family that would teach "traditionalist Christian attitudes about sexuality", I fear we may have crossed that line.

             I still believe most of us are still somewhat reasonable. However, unless those preaching inclusiveness and tolerance demonstrate the ability to recognize gross intolerance among their own, we are going to have a hard time taking them seriously.


Posted by Karcy on November 26, 2011
A good many valubeals you've given me.
Posted by Rebecca on November 10, 2011
Mr. Schmidt, are you making a distinction between disliking homosexuality and/or believing it to be illegitimate on the one hand, and an attitude that suggests homosexuality is less than normal on the other?
Posted by Philip Wilson on November 7, 2011
@Rev Donald Schmidt, Thanks for sharing your opinion. I am wondering what you think about polygamy, beasteality of course between consenting beings? Wouldn't the same be true of them?
Posted by Kenneth Lee on November 2, 2011
I cannot believe how these people think! Now they're using the Kim Kardashian divorce to attack the sanctity of marriage! Can you write about that, Joseph?
Posted by Bill Fowler on November 1, 2011
Donald: You say the British court is "right" and that "attitudes that suggest homosexuality is less than normal are indeed harmful, and contribute to teen suicide." Would you please substantiate your statements by giving us some reliable case studies. I'm inclined to believe that teenage suicide has increased dramatically since 1962-63. That would be the same year the Supreme Court banned prayer and bible reading in public schools throughout America. Below are some interesting facts on teenage suicide and gay and lesbian youth were only one of the many categories of suicidal youth. Maybe they need to hear that they are made in the image of God instead of primordial goo. •Nationwide, the rate of suicide among youth (aged 15 to 24 years) has increased 200% since the 1960’s compared to 17% in the general population. Male youth are four times more likely to complete suicide than are female youth. Females are at greater risk for suicide attempts than male youth or any other age group. Missoula County Official Website
Posted by R Simon on October 31, 2011
A very well written article. It's unbelievable how blind this hypocrites are to their own "intolerance."
Posted by Karen Sue on October 31, 2011
Is it not enough that the sun no longer rises on the British Empire due to their mistreatment of the Jews but now they want to impose more cursings on their own people in the form of stupid and unjust laws concerning orphans?
Posted by Rev. Donald Schmidt on October 31, 2011
"Still, the British court said that traditionalist Christian attitudes about sexuality could conflict with the welfare of children." Of course, they are right. Whether one likes homosexuality or not, or believes it is morally legitimate or not, the fact remains that attitudes that suggest homosexuality is "less" than normal are indeed harmful, and contribute to teen suicide. I hope you do not find that biblical.
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